Daily Bread Shop

daily-bread shopfront

When did white bread become so unfashionable? Everywhere you look it’s all sourdough this, rye something or other that and how many grains can we fit in that. There was a time when white bread was the pinnacle of the bread making world. The Aston Martin, the Rolex  if you will. In fact I believe it was one of the King Louis’ of France way back in yee olden times who claimed that no other bread was worthy of him as they weren’t refined enough. Sure it has it’s problems…. It’s highly processed, can have a lot of sugar and can probably be attributed to causing a few dietary diseases…. but hey why all the bad press? It’s the unfortunate victim of a bread bullying world.

Thankfully the Vietnamese Banh Mi (or the pork(insert other meat) roll as we call it downunder) proudly flies the flag for white bread. And what a flag its flying… crispy and wafer like on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside. Sure you can get some bad ones, but when its good…. It’s good.

Now most Banh Mi aficionados will have their favourite vendors, and more often then not its either in Botany, in Marrickville or in Cabramatta. I won’t deny it, they are great, but there’s something about a Banh Mi that feels like it should be a local food. Something that you don’t have to travel more then 5 minutes for, and unless you live near those areas then you miss out.

And here’s my happy place. My little getaway from work when I’m trying to escape the fast food haven that you’re faced with when working in an industrial park. I know it’s not glamorous, there’s no cute packaging, and it can be downright messy (cue the Italian Beef stance scene from Man Vs. Food) but for 3 dollars and service with a smile who can argue with that?

banh-mi $3.00 of pure satisfaction

So how good is it? Find out for yourself. But here’s a little backstory. A friend of mine used to own the Vietnamese bakery across the road and every now and then I’d go and visit her and keep her company during lunch, but before I dropped in I made sure to buy a Banh Mi from Daily Bread and eat it inside her shop while she was serving customers and berating me for not eating hers.


Daily Bread Shop
5/65-67 Main Street, Blacktown NSW 2148
(02) 9622 8089


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5 responses to “Daily Bread Shop

  1. ainslie

    bahn mi BABY!!!!!! This bahn mi is really goooood!

  2. Gen

    Botany is my fave!!! I haven’t been there since high school. Will need to go on a road trip to get my fix. Oh wait, you mentioned there is one in Marrickville, that will probably be more practical :/

  3. check out the beast in the photo

  4. ainslie

    we can all see by the date and time you wrote that AFTER i called you a flaccid clown………….lame-o!

  5. This is actually my favourite pork roll place… been coming here for 10+ years.Slightly surreal to see it on a food blog haha.

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