Sydney Kopitiam Cafe

kopitiam - sign

On my drive to work this morning I heard this on the radio – ‘cheers to the freakin’ weekend, drink to that yay ee yay’. Now I don’t listen to music much these days, in fact I never really got past liking the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, but is it just me or is there a lot of mention of drunken debauchery in modern pop music? Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when pop music was all about wanting things that way or never breaking your heart? Anyway my grumpy old man rant doesn’t disguise the fact that I didn’t actually mind the song and it got me a little motivated to get through the day knowing that what lay ahead was a 3 day weekend. Woohoo! Thank you Beyonce.

So anyway I trust that many of you will be having a big one this weekend, and I’m fairly certain that a lot of you might end up waking up tomorrow morning (or Sunday or Monday morning) feeling a little worse for wear, swearing to yourselves that you’ll never do what you did the night before again ( I know. I’ve been there. On a weekly basis). If you do find yourself in that situation I would suggest doing what I did last Saturday and that is lining your stomachs with a big fat juicy Malaysian Hawker style meal.

Kopitiam seems to be one of those places that got left behind when the crowds started going manic for Mamak (lovely place that it is), but considering there’s never any queues here and with it being just a short stroll away it’s a pretty decent alternative (unless you’re really in need of a roti fix).

kopitiam - kwetiaw gorengKwetiaw Goreng – possibly $9.50

The Kwetiaw Goreng is the first thing to come out, and I’m glad that it is as it’s my order. There’s nothing pretty about it, it’s a jumble of flat rice noodles, bean sprouts, prawns, fishcakes and other assorted goodies but my God is it good. There’s a strong hint of wok-hei (that charcoal, smoky, breath of wok) and best of all there’s a lovely crunch provided by the hidden morsels of deep fried lard. Yes the KTG is indeed good here.

kopitiam - laksa seafoodSeafood Curry Laksa -possibly $9.50

My dining partner receives her laksa next, I believe it’s a seafood curry laksa. She comments that it looks nothing like the picture on the poster next to us, which is when I point out that the poster is a Malaysian Govt. promotional poster and has nothing to do with the restaurant. She shrugs it off as she doesn’t care as she believes it to be delicious anyway. I give it a try and it’s abit too light for my tastes. There’s a strong taste of coconut milk and not enough oomph from the spice paste.

kopitiam - roti chanaiRoti Chanai + Kari Ayam – $7.00

We also go for a serving of roti chanai. Yes it’s not as great/ theatrical as the Mamak version but seeing as this isn’t a place that doesn’t specialise in it, I don’t mind one bit, and to be honest because its served in a flat pancake shape I find the roti to be more crispy. The curry isn’t too bad either, if a little mild.

kopitiam - satay ayamSatay Ayam – $7.00

The satay here isn’t too bad either and we go for the chicken version. The chicken is moist and smoky from the grill and there’s there’s a strong hint (okay I use this line a lot… is there another way of saying this? I’m stumped today and can’t access the other 90% of my brain) of lemongrass. My only complaints are that there’s no serving of onions to go with it and that Malaysian satay in general just isn’t as good as my beloved Indonesian Satay.

I walk out one happy customer, maybe a little too happy that I’m annoyed with myself for not having left enough room to get that pastie from Hannah’s Pies next door that I’d promised myself before I walked in Kopitiam. I hate that my eyes are bigger then my stomach.  Anyway, as Nicki Minaj says Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.

Sydney Kopitiam Cafe

594 Harris Street, Ultimo
(02) 9282 9883



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13 responses to “Sydney Kopitiam Cafe

  1. tammy

    Agree, that laksa is looking a little on the pale side. It needs more ring of fire.
    Beef satay is so much better than chicken. I’m not just saying that, the beef actually absorbs the marinade better!! I won’t let you rest until you come with me to Malaysia and have Kajang Satay.
    And also, we have to go to Kammadhenu together soon. I’ve been saying for ages but you seriously have to go. If you go with someone else I’ll have to de-friend you.
    Look at me and my long post – nothing gets me fired up more than topics regarding Malaysian food!!
    P.S: Eating spicy foods after drunken escapades is highly unrecommended if you don’t think you can hold it down. Don’t be a victim!

  2. I’m such a Malaysian food noob ^^” I’ve only ever tried Mamak and the Kopitiam in Melb (though all I had was teh tarik and kaya toast lol but sooooo tasty!) the KTG sounds really similar to this chinese dish

  3. Looks yummy! Especially the Seafood Curry Laxa! 🙂

  4. yumm Kwetiaw Goreng, i love rice noodles… mmmh.. i was going to visit this place a month ago, we ended up settling with yor yok lol…

  5. Malaysian friends of mine quite like the food here but they’d agree with you on the satay – it’s a bit on the mild side. Bring on the fiery red stuff, I say!

  6. Agreed, what happened to singing about accidentally doing it again and backstreet being back? Now it’s all about brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack :s Will have to give this place a go, haven’t really had much experience with this sort of food.

  7. I could murder a plate of those flat rice noodles – also on a weekly basis! Love malaysian and they look freaking good, as does that roti!

  8. I don’t want to be a troll but that song is by Rhianna not Niki 😛

    And unlike you indo’s and malaysian’s, filipino’s weren’t bred with such wax stomachs – we disappoint with our inability to stand hot food 😦

  9. mmm dude i need to get to this place.

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