A Party With Food


Costume parties. Who doesn’t love them? Well for starters… Me. Yes that’s right I’m no fan. Call me a hater or whatever else but I dread the thought of having to think of something to wear, worried that if I dress like this does it then reveal some deep seeded desire to be a superhero in tights, or if I dress like that do people then think I have some strange perversions. It’s a tricky thing this dressing up biz, go a little too far left of centre and instead of being the ‘talk of the party’ (positive tone), you’ll instead be ‘the talk of the party’ (dun dun duuun tone). Above all else I hate that by being in costume, this usually then gives people some licence to automatically act like a d*ckhead, like for example by roughing up your hair (and do you have any idea how long I spend on my hair? It’s a work of Elvis inspired art).


But… If there’s one thing I hate more then a costume party (actually there’s many things but figure of speech… keep up with me here), it’s a party pooper. The person who dresses as they would normally and comes out with the default ‘I’m dressed like me – ‘cause I’m a hero’. You know what I mean, there’s one at every party. So during this past weekend when I had the chance to attend a costume party I decided to put some effort into it. I left my inhibitions at the door (or perhaps suppressed them with a few too many bottles of beer), went ballistic with the amount of product in my hair and worked the room like the charmer I am.

Costumes and inebriation aside I was also tasked with catering the party as best I could, so here my dear readers I’d like to share my endeavours with you (excuse the picture quality, my camera went AWOL and found itself in the hands of a drunk version of me).

rochellesparty - menu

I kept the menu fun and simple and I salad aside I tried to keep everything handheld.

rochellesparty - banhmi

I made the Banh Mi by poaching some chicken breasts in coconut milk with some lemongrass, ginger, garlic and onions. After allowing it to cool I shredded it all up and put inside the baguettes with some kewpie sriracha mayo, julienned pickles carrots (all done by me – impressed?), cucumber, coriander and a liberal dash of maggi seasoning.

rochellesparty - spammusubi

People tend to think of Spam as some gross concoction of pork by products, and it really is but in this age of trendy nose to tail eating you can’t get anymore nose to tail then Spam. You could say Spam is a little ahead of its time, the hipster of the meat world. Anyway slice it up and fry / grill it and you’ll wonder how you ever hated it. Here I did it Hawaiian style and simply put it with some sushi rice and tonkatsu sauce, all wrapped in seaweed to make a Spam Musubi.

rochellesparty - reuben

I love a good Reuben sandwich but I was too lazy to cook up a corned beef (also I didn’t want the whole place to smell of beef) so I just used some canned corned beef and turned it into an almost crispy hash. Luckily most of the people didn’t really seem to mind and these were a hit. To the corned beef I added swiss cheese, sauerkraut and some thousand island dressing.

rochellesparty - greeksalad

I was most proud of my greek salad. I simply took the best bits of what I found on the internet so it’s a simple mix of cucumber, tomatoes, olives, feta, oregano, balsamic, a liberal coating of olive oil and best of all some pulled ciabatta pieces that I’d grilled off in the oven. The ciabatta just added a whole other dimension. I can thank George Calombaris for that one.

rochellesparty - antipasto

The Antipasto was a nice little filler. I just wacked on some pepperoni, mortadella, bocconcini, stuffed olives, baby roma tomatos and some chickpeas I marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and dried chilli flakes.

I also made some mini hot dogs and burgers which I didn’t manage to get any pictures of but by all accounts the burgers were pretty good (didn’t get any feedback on the hotdogs… maybe its best they don’t get a mention). I think it has something to do with my killer burger mince recipe which I’ll share with you all at a later date.

rochellesparty - cake

I didn’t do the cake, this was provided by the lovely appl3pie, but how cute does it look?

So I haven’t really changed my opinion on costume parties, I still feel all those things I said previously but I can’t say I didn’t have any fun and if you are going to act like a French shower then at least you have an alter ego to blame it on. As for who I went as? Well I’ll leave you with a pre-party teaser to figure that one out for yourself.

rochellesparty - quidditch



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16 responses to “A Party With Food

  1. oh ma gosh it’s so awesome! haah it’s only a good party when everyone dresses up 😛 i hate it when only like 10% of the people make an effort -.-

    yummy food though ❤ banh mi, reuben, MUSUBI ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. wow I am utterly impressed with the effort your friend goes into organising a party!
    That wallpaper backdrop! and people’s costumes !!! (the angry birds are so cute)

    the finger food looks really good! wish I got to go to this party. Looks heaps fun!

  3. I hate costume parties too, but will dress up reluctantly if I have to as well. Lol, I can say that I coaxed Cheesecake Boy to eat spam by frying it, but he still hated it.

  4. Dave in canberra

    Damn I missed out! Your food looks divine. Good work.

  5. ainslie

    the banh mi was a winning! it even converted a certain party goer who was a banh mi virgin! I believe she was heard earlier saying “oh no he’s one of those creepy old guys who likes Harry Potter” a prophecy that came true only too soon when you started using your “broom” suggestively poking and lunging at party goers……thank u, angry bird.

  6. love to dress up! and a BIG LOL to the angry birds!

  7. Excuse Me Waiter: photo wall was created by icantbelieveitsnotafoodblog as was the menu. Balloons and cake by Appl3pie.

    All the birthday girl had to do was have herself ready in costume and invite the fabulous people that truly made an outstanding effort. I can’t express how much fun everyone including myself had that night!!!

    Millions of thanks again for the food/photowall/menu and the hero/villain gallery that adorned our apartment x

    Ps. Banh Mi was still good the next morning, taste was authentic despite my usual protest to banh mi that’s not made of pork. Reuben sandwiches were fab too, though stale the next day I forced myself to down two. Shame I missed out on the mini burgers, hot dogs and spam :/

  8. WOW … u made all that .. holy moley… can i come to the next foood crazy night u have?

    i’ve been itching to dress up as a bumble bee or a turtle… no occasion.. i dont exactly want to wear that goin out haha…

    chicken and coconut… wow thats like a thai twist.. i wouldnt mind trying that *hint* .. i LOVE A GOOD BANH MI THIT…. too bad Epping sells them for $5.80 and puts beetroot and lettuce *facepalm*

    mmhh.. i just had a sweet delivery to my office door .. banh mi thit with extra pate… my cubicle smelt like pate for an hour hahahahhaaa

  9. Gen

    Wonderwoman throws the best pardeees >:)

    Thanks for the mentions!

  10. Gen

    Oh and pardon my ignorance and clearly I didn’t get to taste it as I was busy co-hosting but what is Banh Mi???

    I know what you’re thinking, ‘she didn’t read my post properly’ but just tell me! What is Banh Mi damn you?!

  11. The chicken rolls!!

    Haha thank you for hosting! You did a fantastic job!

  12. vivian – yeah its a total downer when no one puts in any effort. people are also less likely to mingle as well…

    excuse me waiter/ sugarpuffi – angry birds are willing to hire out their costumes lol

    dumpling girl – are you sure he wasn’t just stubbornly hating it? like inside he was totally loving it… damn.

    dave – dude… totally missed out lol.

    ainslie – I do not know of this poking and lunging you speak of

    dolly – lol banh mis are awesome unfortunately the only thing missing from mine was the pate. but by all accounts it wasn’t missing it. I reckon the kewpie mayo/sriracha combo makes up for it with its ‘umami-ness’.

    wonderwoman – you do indeed throw the best parties

    gen – excellent host… right up until you pass out lol.

  13. Looks like a fun party! I’m not a huge fan of costume party’s…

  14. looks fun! giving me ideas for my next party…=) ditto with vivian

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