Hello readers. Look at another blog, now back at mine, now back at the other one, now back at mine. Sadly the other one isn’t mine, but if they stopped posting on their site and religiously studied mine, they could mimic mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a chair in front of a computer staring at a blog that the other one you’re reading could be like. What’s in your hand? Back at me, I have it, it’s your mouse closing the windows to the other blogs you’ve been reading. Look again the mouse is now a diamond. Anything is possible when you’re reading my blog. I’m on a couch.

Email me at: henry.hidayat(at)gmail.com


15 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Foj

    That gut is much larger in real life

  2. ainslie

    i see the diet is working……………can u see ure dick yet?

  3. pete

    henzo: Why did you photoshop your body on someone elses face?

  4. Bekkkles

    Hahaha come work as a copywriter 😉

  5. this is…a strangely hypnotic picture…

  6. Jina

    Haha loving your blog, keep up the awesome work

  7. You’re a pretty damn good storyteller! Absolutely loving your stories!

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